Impact Testing

We perform low speed impact tests per OEM and governmental requirements, including:

  • FMVSS 581
  • ECE 42
  • IIHS Low Speed Test Protocol
  • RCAR Bumper Test
  • Cold Impact Testing as low as -40°C

Ashton Automotive Testing features 17025 Accredited Testing and the following equipment:

  • Impact Pendulum
  • Barrier and Track up to 11 MPH (17 KPH)
  • High Speed Digital Video
  • Universal Test vehicle for component testing
  • Foam Prototyping for energy absorber development

Ashton can meet your prototype part needs for energy absorbent foams, wood or solid plastics.  We help with product development by:

  • Providing parts quickly
  • Ensuring accuracy by cutting from math data
  • Facilitating convenience. Use these parts for immediate onsite testing or prototype builds.


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